We Are Social

Could We Are Social really be bringing back brick and mortar retail? Well not quite, what they have been doing though, is partnering up with some social media giants to change the way we shop.

|WWD, 2019|

In the lead up to London Fashion Week this February, We Are Social joined with Snapchat to provide a shopping experience unlike any other. What they did was set up a pop up store selling an exclusive range of athleisure wear by Lego Wear, yet the store contained no clothing. How is this possible? Well, they used a Snapcode, which allowed shoppers to unlock the augmented reality experience where they could then browse and shop online (LSN Global, 2019).

|Brickset, 2019|
|LSN Global, 2019|

The aim of the event was to direct more traffic to the Lego Wear brand and increase awareness. And it worked! (We Are Social, 2019).What we see here is just another example of how technology is changing the way consumers buy and interact with products.

There is no doubt that social media is becoming more and more influential at every stage of the consumer decision making process (LSN Global, 2019). What makes this campaign different from all the other social medial campaigns is that it adds an element of exclusivity in an era of complete accessibility.

The internet along with social media plays host to consumers being able to buy and sell from around the globe, yet this event was held in a physical location where only those who entered the store were privy to the product.

So what do you guys think? Does this go against all that digital marketing stands for? Or do you like the idea that digital marketing is being used in a way that makes online shopping exclusive for a change?


15 thoughts on “We Are Social

    1. Yeah it’s an exciting and new environment to be part of! Sometimes that can be scary if we are not aware of how technology works. I guess it just means that its up to us to stay on top of new developments. šŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting.


  1. I love this side of digital marketing! Being able to harness the power of a key player in social media like Snapchat and come up with a new, exciting way to promote products.


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