Why We Buy

The power of technology to influence shopping habits is irrefutable. Studies by Salesfocus have revealed insights into the behaviours and expectations of global shoppers. More than 27% of Gen X and 41% of Millennials now use social media to buy products online (Salesfocus, 2019). This new digital landscape allows for inspiration, product discovery and recommendations to now come from the community in which we connect with on social media. So what does this mean for us consumers?


Well, as trusted sources of recommendations, our friends now have a powerful influence over why we buy what we buy as appose to Influencers & Brand Ambassadors. In the UK, a study showed that four out of five customers are more likely to trust a customer product review over a well known influencer (LS:N Global).

This explains why more and more of us are turning towards peer led purchasing networks, that allow participants within the network to find and buy products based on user recommendations from their existing social networks. An example of this is an app called Masse.

|MASSE, 2019|

For marketers, this means that providing a simply satisfactory customer experience is no longer acceptable. If recommendations from reflections of the purchasing experience is now what influences online shoppers most, then it is time to get creative. Start selling the shopping experience, something memorable, exciting and fun. A memorable experience gets people talking and in a world were everyone is sharing, talk is invaluable.

So please share what you think your favourite brands could do to improve the online shopping experience.


12 thoughts on “Why We Buy

  1. Great read! In such a saturated online marketplace, it’s the websites or social medias that look really credible and trustworthy, and secondly really impress me with their creativity. Even if I don’t buy at first, I’ll end up coming back as they’re memorable.

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  2. This post is very interesting and informative, Sophie! I think one of the ways a marketer can do to enhance consumers’ online experience would be to include real-time chat rooms where consumers could ask questions or ask for recommendations.


  3. huge fan of online shopping!
    Making an app that runs smoothly, with great communication and customer service support is so important!
    would much rather real customer reviews than tones of sponsored posts all over social media
    was a good read 🙂


  4. I am sceptical of paid influencers recommendations. I place more value on normal people’s thoughts and experiences with products. I often read reviews of products prior to purchasing.

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  5. Good post! I usually purchase products from Taobao, which is a Chinese online Shopping Mall. They provided an ” Ask help from people who have purchased” forum for customers communication. It works well and I quite enjoy in it. It improved my online shopping experience well. I think other online shops can learn about it to enhance the customers shopping experience.

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