Choice or convenience?

The evolution of technology and the internet has meant immeasurable change when it comes to marketing, it has meant an introduction of new and interactive brand touchpoints, copious amounts of data/analytics, increased delivery services and convenience. All of which helps brands deliver a service or product that meets your desires, before you know them. For us consumers, the ability to choose what we want to buy, how we want to buy it and what brands we want to associate with has been superseded by automated choice.

Amazon is a perfect example of a mega system, that has an unprecedented amount of knowledge about their consumer. This stems from Amazons ability to diminish the barrier between public and private information.

Subconsciously consumers are unremittingly providing personal information, information that we would otherwise consider private (i.e. addresses, bank card details, wish lists) to companies like Amazon. And what Amazon does this this information is ensure that you are given every possible opportunity to be reminded of what it is that they think you need or are missing in your life.

As marketers do we adopt these tools because we believe it truly is best practice, or is it because to not adopt would be to run the risk dropping out of consumers consciousness?


11 thoughts on “Choice or convenience?

  1. I agree these companies have access to our buying data and can engage us if we fit their demographic. The only danger is if lazy shoppers stop browsing outside their connected network of shops.


  2. As a reader I wonder if there will ever be a shift amoungst brands and companies towards a more ethical or humanised approach to attracting shoppers. Similar to the shift we have seen amoungst some of the biggest brands restoring their environmental impacts and image.


    1. Thanks Dan, that’s an interesting thought and I think that most brands are recognising that being environmentally conscience is the only way forward. As the current climate shifts towards being sustainable, brands will need to adopt this approach in order to remain in touch with their target market.


  3. Sometimes I feel my feed of full of suggestions based on my former interest and purchases. I have a finite amount of time to spend online and the advertising distracts me from the social connections I value on insta and FB.


  4. I think as marketers it may be the way to gain instanteneous exposure that has proven to be linked to a company’s profit. However I believe if companies use these consumer data ethically and with consumer’s knowledge would increase its integrity.


  5. Great post. Something I have pondered myself. Honestly I believe that this is a case of first come first serve, and as time progresses laws will catch up. As marketers – I think we need to be able to foresee how these changes might effect us and of course only ever work within your sphere of morality.


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