Content Is Key

The jury is out, an article in the Harvard Business Review discusses how “More people would rather learn about a company via an article than an ad”. Therefore as marketers, it is clear that understanding how to employ Content Marketing may mean the difference between a successful media campaign and a mediocre one.

Firstly, lets discuss what Content Marketing is. A good way to define it is by highlighting how it differs from traditional marketing. For instance, traditional marketing focuses on pitching your product or service, whereas content marketing aims to provide truly relevant information to highlight how the product and service is used or can be used to solve the customers issue. Nonetheless, the aim of content marketing remains the same, “to drive profitable consumer action“.

|Hubspot, 2019|

Now lets discuss the different tools that you can use to implement content marketing. These tools may include; blog posts, consumer created content, social media posts, infographics, vlogs and videos, just to name a few. Here is an image that outlines the many ways content media can be harnessed.

|CMI, 2019|

Not only, is it clear that content marketing is becoming more and more popular, but it also drives results. Some of the benefits that organisations are seeing include being able to gather better insight into how their consumer interacts with the brand. For some insight into how other brands are using content marketing, check out Lego’s youtube channel or Redbulls Media House.

|CMI, 2019|

What are your thoughts? Have you guys ever encountered content marketing? Do you think it worked?


14 thoughts on “Content Is Key

  1. Yes, I really like the “how to” videos that come with products. I always use them rather than the printed instructions. I can also refer back to them and don’t have to worry about losing the paper work. The use of these can also be tracked and provide useful data.

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  2. I think content is a great way to develop value for customers in digital marketing! I’ve often stumbled across a brand that gives me a great tip or entertaining content, which helps me to then recall the brand later. Thanks for the great read 🙂

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  3. I really enjoy user created content! I think it can be interesting and fun to look through the hash tags and what other people have done! I think it also ads a sense of influence that all these people are using a product or associating and giving their own tick of approval to a brand or product without it being a forced or paid ad.

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  4. I love how-to’s and am absolutely addicted to youtube how-to’s! Feel like a bit of an idiot that it hasn’t always occurred to me they may be a bi-product of seamless content marketing! Props to the brands doing it well – I’ve probably been sucked in.

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    1. Haha, don’t worry I feel we all have at some point. But I also think that if you’re buying a product because you see how it works or how you would potentially use it then that’s the most transparent type of marketing.

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  5. I love content marketing because it provides a fresh perspective. It is often entertaining and creates an impact which is easy for brand recall. It is also more genuine and relatable than crafted content. Thanks for the great read!

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