The Heart Wants What It Wants

On this weeks blog we are going to be discussing emotions. More specifically, I’m going to be discussing how marketers are using technology to evaluate how emotionally connected we are to products before we buy them.

Logic and research states that as consumers we are less likely to return a product if we are emotionally connected with it. Some may even argue that emotional connection matters more than customer satisfaction.

If the aim is to increase sales and reduce returns based on emotional connection, how can technology help?

Ikea have come up with an interesting way. What they have done is used brain sensing technology to measure the consumers emotional reaction to different products. Only those who experienced an emotional upswing of more than 70% were then allowed to purchase the product.

|Ikea, 2019|

Whilst this may seem far fetched at this point, as a marketer I’m already beaming with ideas on how this could be used in so many different ways. For instance technology like this can easily be transferred to help consumers in the decision making process by recommending products that evoked an emotional connection.

What do you guys think? Please share your ideas on how you think brain sensing technology can be used in digital marketing.

8 thoughts on “The Heart Wants What It Wants

  1. Such a cool invention! I definitely think that this invention could be really beneficial in the selling of products and services, definitely will increase consumer satisfaction!


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