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In May of 2018 Instagram launched a new feature that let a limited number of US and UK brands to allow customers to purchase goods without having to leave the app.

The aim of the feature is to streamline the check out experience, by making it convenient and secure (Instagram, 2019). Customers will be able to perminatly save their credit card details on the app or use Paypal, to make almost instantaneous purchases. This feature is not limited to the purchase of products either, in fact it extends into the service industry too. How this works is it allows customers to select a service (haircut) & appointment time, then check out without ever leaving the app (LSN|Global, 2019). (For more information on how to get involved and those currently in the beta please click here)

|Business.instagram, 2019|

As marketers, a key part of being successful with any ad or campaign is about producing content that results directly in increased sales. Now we see how rapidly this gap between desire and consumptions is shrinking. These new features and adaptations are making social media stoppable.

So whilst we can all agree that as marketers these new features are positive, how do we feel as consumers? Do you worry at all that this new level of convenience may be blurring the line between product discovery and purchase moment? Do we truly no longer go shopping but rather shop all the time? – Willy Kruh, global chair of Consumer Markets at KPMG.

Watch this space for more discussion on how this concept of ‘Subconscious Commerce’ is changing the landscape of digital marketing.


14 thoughts on “Shop & Scroll

  1. I think online shopping has certainly made me a more compulsive buyer as the process from decision to purchase is so streamlined nowadays. With that said, I can’t see myself buying something directly from Instagram without leaving the site, I don’t know if I trust them as a retailer or any other social media platform for that matter.


    1. It’s interesting that you have also mentioned trust as a factor stopping you from buying directly from Insta. I have had others readers that agree with you and it will be interesting to see how Insta tackle this issue.


  2. Thanks for the great read! This definitely seems to be the future of marketing and it’s almost scary how convenient it is. I think it’ll definitely work wonders on impulsive buyers for the company.


    1. You’re welcome, thanks for the comment!! I know I have definitely impulsively bought things before, simply because it was so quick and easy that I didn’t have the chance to question if it was something I really needed.


  3. I couldn’t tell you the number of times that I’ve bought products I’ve seen on instagram – seems like a really great way to streamline the process! Also that palette – SO CUTE


  4. I think for myself I still would go to the original website and have a look at the product, I dont think for me buying over instagram that I would feel safe! Interesting post, thank you!


  5. Great post! I think with such marketing and shopping on Instagram, it gives us the power as consumers to gather more information through multiple advertisements and to allow us to keep up with flash deals that are within a time limit.


  6. I am certainly influenced and tempted to buy products from ads on insta. I am a bit annoyed that if I show interest but don’t necessarily purchase I then get bombarded with like products or services, eg holiday packages and dog products. I still like to compare prices of products so will continue to use web sites for major purchases.


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